Company Overview

Buckeye Partners, L.P. owns and operates a diversified global network of integrated assets providing midstream logistic solutions, primarily consisting of the transportation, storage, processing and marketing of liquid petroleum products.

Buckeye is one of the largest independent liquid petroleum products pipeline operators in the United States in terms of volumes delivered, with approximately 6,000 miles of pipeline. Buckeye is also a wholesale distributor of refined petroleum products in certain areas served by its pipelines and terminals.

Commitment to Service Excellence
Buckeye is committed to providing quality logistics services to its customers by continuing to grow and diversify its service offerings. As the petroleum supply and distribution functions continue to become more complex and critical, customers can rely on Buckeye to provide unsurpassed service. Buckeye’s strengths are its strategic asset base, sound financial background, and dedicated employees. We look forward to undertaking the challenges in our expanding role as a leading supplier of energy logistics services, and welcome the opportunity to continue to serve our valued customers.

Commitment to Ethical Business Practices
Buckeye is committed to complying with all applicable laws and the Company’s policies. Buckeye’s Business Code of Conduct represents our dedication to integrity and transparency. We will distinguish ourselves with industry leading execution and our steadfast emphasis on ethics.

Mission & Principles

Buckeye – the logistical solutions partner of choice for the global energy business

Buckeye’s Mission is to deliver superior returns to our investors through our talented, valued employees and our core strengths of:

  • An unwavering commitment to safety, environmental responsibility, regulatory compliance, and personal integrity
  • Best-in-class customer service and sophisticated commercial operations
  • Operational excellence that provides consistent, reliable performance at the lowest reasonable cost
  • An entrepreneurial approach toward logistical solutions to profitably expand and optimize Buckeye’s portfolio of global energy assets
  • A commitment to consistent execution and the continuous improvement of our operations, projects and people

Our Guiding Principles

  • Economic
    To achieve superior financial returns for our unitholders, we will:
    • Achieve sustainable growth in revenue
    • Maintain control over expenses
  • Customer Service
    To provide our customers with quality service, we will:
    • Lead the industry in reliable and cost-effective services
    • Continually improve service quality
    • Build long-term, high-quality relationships with our customers
  • Safety/Environmental
    To achieve our goal of working safely and in an environmentally responsible manner, we will:
    • Continually improve asset integrity
    • Continually improve safety and environmental performance
    • Minimize waste and pollution
    • Look out for our own and each other’s safety
    • Remember that no job is so urgent that safety should be compromised
  • Operations
    In operating and maintaining Buckeye’s assets, we will:
    • Make operations as straightforward as possible
    • Use cost-effective technology to achieve efficient pipeline operations
    • Know the current condition of our assets through direct observation, testing, and inspection
    • Focus activities on preventing operational incidents
    • Be prepared to respond effectively to emergencies
  • Employees
    In working together to achieve the Company’s mission, we will:
    • Take individual responsibility for achieving Buckeye’s goals
    • Dedicate ourselves to continually improving all aspects of our business
    • Treat each other with respect, openness, and honesty
    • Value effort, teamwork, innovation, and results
    • Be positive role models for our co-workers
    • Encourage and respect divergent opinions
    • Make and communicate decisions in a timely manner
    • Recognize that employee development is a responsibility shared by each of us with the Company
  • Community
    To enhance our relations with communities in which we operate, we will:
    • Maintain good community relations
    • Support community efforts and agencies that improve the quality of life for employees and residents in our service area


Are you ready to join us?
At Buckeye, we work together to be the logistical solutions partner of choice in the global energy marketplace. From managing 6,000 miles of pipeline to commercializing clean energy projects, our people collaborate to provide world-class service and meet the changing energy needs of our customers. We invest in our employees and equip them to be fully contributing members of high performing teams.

Our business requires a wide range of skills and perspectives to create innovative solutions for our customers. Our diverse teams are united by a common mission and core values. We are seeking talented individuals like you to grow our business and shape our future. We invite you to learn more about our exciting company and explore the career opportunities on this site. Join us!

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