Company Overview
Rocketship Education is building a network of high-performing, urban, college-preparatory K-5 charter schools dedicated to our mission to eliminate the achievement gap within our lifetimes.

The Rocketship Public School Model combines traditional classroom instruction with Learning Lab, which enables individualized instruction through online adaptive technology and tutors; a parent engagement strategy that allows for advocacy on behalf of all children and their education; and a leadership development program that creates sustainable careers for highly effective educators.

Closing the achievement gap at a national level depends on building, executing, and scaling a revolutionary school model that encompasses the following initiatives:
  • Innovate: Leverage Learning Lab to deliver exceptional and enduring academic results for students to emerge with the skills and characteristics necessary for success in college and life.
  • Empower: Foster deep parental engagement and ongoing advocacy for their children and to expand educational opportunities for all students.
  • Lead: Elevate the professions of teaching and school leadership by enabling high-level work with students and families in a sustainable, highly rewarding manner with commensurate compensation.
  • Impact: Use financial resources efficiently so that we can scale effectively in high-need areas across the country, opening clusters of schools that offer a holistic education and serve all students without necessitating philanthropy.
In our efforts to achieve educational reform, we intend to demonstrate that the Rocketship Model can be a vital, strategic contributor to the elimination of the achievement gap in high-need neighborhoods across the country. By opening clusters in high-need communities, we will demonstrate that the poorest students in the city can reach grade level and also supply an enormous influx of Rocketship graduates capable of achieving at high levels in middle and high school. We are currently identifying our first set of expansion cities and aspire to open clusters in 50 cities, effectively changing the lives of 1 million students.
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